3.16.17 So Many Artists, Not Enough Space!

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Metal sculptures. Colorful paintings. Glass installations. I love art in all of its forms, and I’m always excited when I’m introduced to thought-provoking artwork that connects with the inner me. I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Here are three well-respected, memorable artists who have captivated me recently, including Lukas Ulmi.

Photo Courtesy of Artsy.net

Born in Switzerland but based in Valencia, Spain, Lukas does remarkable work with delicate iron compositions that appear weightless because they incorporate so much negative space - they have a barely-there quality. Lukas works in large and small scale, but either way, I love the way the light reflects the pattern on the wall, as in the piece above called “Iron and Stone.” The shadows become part of the work.

Photo Courtesy of Aestheticamagazine.com 

Keep your eyes open if you’re visiting Spain or Switzerland - you might come across one of Lukas’s massive outdoor sculptures or fountains on display in numerous squares. Here he is, above, with one of his installations during an art show in Dubai!

Photo of Sergio Valenzuela, courtesy of ValenzFineArt.com 

The complexity, playfulness and bright colors of Sergio Valenzuela’s abstract expressionism attracted me initially, but the longer I studied his work, the more I became drawn to the many possibilities for interpretation.  A native of Guatemala, Sergio’s work is displayed in public and private spaces in his country as well as in private collections in Central America, Europe, Mexico and the United States

Photo Courtesy of GaleriaValenzuela.blogspot.com.ar 

He often incorporates empty chairs and ladders in his work, which I love. Is that an extra chair for someone special you’re going to meet, or perhaps the empty chair left by the loss of a loved one? For me the ladders represent our desire to climb to new heights and our curiosity – what will we find when we reach the top?

Photo of Thor and Jennifer Bueno, courtesy of BuenoGlass.com 

Here’s a creative solution to the problem of what to put on a large expanse of blank wall – a beautiful glass art installation by Thor and Jennifer Bueno, who are reflected above in one of their creations! This talented husband-and-wife duo works out of a studio in North Carolina where they create multi-piece installations and smaller sculptures using handmade glass “stones” in a swirl of color or just silver.

Photo Courtesy of BuenoGlass.com 

Photo Courtesy of BuenoGlass.com 

I can picture one of their fluid mosaics above a fireplace instead of a big piece of art, or flowing down a staircase or across a dining room wall. Their work is truly an example of the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” though each individual stone is exquisite! But if you just need to fill a smaller space, Thor and Jennifer also have scaled-down sculptures for walls, pedestals and tabletops, like these exquisite pieces below.  

Photo Courtesy of BuenoGlass.com 

Photo Courtesy of BuenoGlass.com 

They look so smooth and cool and precariously balanced – the one on the right, just above, reminds me of a fancy perfume bottle -  I just want to reach out and touch them. If only I had more space at home for all the art I crave!

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